Wall Units

A customized wall unit is unique to the space, solving many storage issues from clothes to components and becomes an attractive addition to the home.

Can I Add A Wardrobe In My Bedroom To Create More Storage?

Wardrobes or wall units are a functional way to add more storage and can be an attractive addition to the bedroom.   Wardrobes work well when a bedroom closet is either too small or the space doesn’t’ have a closet.  A cabinet style wall unit can be customized to provide hanging, shelving, shoes shelving and drawer storage.  In addition to creating more storage for your space, a well-designed and functional wardrobe can add resale value to your home.

What Things Should Be Considered When Adding A Wardrobe Closet?

Consider the size of the space, any conflicts to work around, your needs and wants and the style you want to create. Similar to a reach-in closet, allow a depth of 24” for hanging clothes and 14” depth for shelving.  Allow space for cabinet doors to open without impeding your path or creating a conflict with other items in the room.  Here are some other things to consider:
  • Are there any outlets or floor vents to work around?
  • Will the unit be going to the ceiling?
  • Is there existing crown moulding, lighting, ceiling vents, ceiling fan, attic access with pull down ladder or smoke detector that poses a conflict?
Generally, with a good design many conflicts can be worked around for a low impact installation without hiring a contractor. Besides providing suitable storage, a wardrobe can be aesthetically pleasing to the space.  A nice feature to adding cabinetry is that it can reflect your style for the room.  Different style doors, such as, mirrored, clear glass or solid profile doors customizes your personal style.   Here are some things to think about:
  • Will you be painting the room?
  • What about the color of the cabinetry?
  • Will it be more contemporary, modern, or traditional?
  • Which wall will work best to achieve the most storage and be aesthetically pleasing to the room?
You can discuss such questions with your designer who will offer some helpful suggestions.

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