How To Build and Remodel Closets and Storage Spaces

Before installing or knocking down walls to create more storage space, consider these helpful tips. 

  1. Closet Door: Swinging out so it doesn’t conflict with closet space. A pocket door is best.
  2. If the closet is wide enough, frame the door in the center of entry wall. This will allow more usable space on return walls.
  3. Narrow closets limit where your hanging is placed. An optimal width is a minimum of 72” to allow hanging on both walls.
  4. For Reach-In Closets, allow a minimum of 24” depth for hanging.
  5. Consider locating light switch on the outside of the closet so it will not interfere with the closet design. If the switch must be on the inside, locate it as close to the door as possible.
  6. Good lighting is important. Avoid fluorescent since it affects color of clothes. We recommend recessed can lighting or track lighting in walk-in closet. For a reach-in closet mount light inside above door header.
  7. If there is a window in the closet, allow a minimum of 24” on opposing walls for hanging or 14” for shelving.
  8. If the closet allows for a center island, a minimum of 11-12 ft is needed. See our Walk-In Closets page for a gallery of ideas and examples.
  9. Will there be a need for a charging station? Speak to your designer about placement of electrical boxes.
  10. Install HVAC vents whether floor or ceiling mounted 18” out from wall so it does not interfere with closet components.
  11. Frame attic access opening as close to the center of the ceiling as possible or a minimum of 24” from side walls so as to avoid conflicts with closet components.

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We hope these tips are helpful to you as you shop and compare.  As a closet provider, The Closet Solution is dedicated to providing the highest quality standards in the closet industry, in both materials and service.  As the saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, and The Closet Solution wants you to do it right the first time.

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