What to Consider When Comparing Closet Providers

Different closet providers have a range of quotes and prices. Too often, what seems like a good deal is just a cheap product. To help you make an informed decision we offer the following tips and questions to help you understand exactly what you are getting from a closet company.

  1. How many shelves and what are the depths? Often this is where price difference occurs.
  2. What type of system do they use? Our preferred choice is a system that is “floor standing” or supported by the floor. This adds to the stability of the structure. However, we can offer wall-hung systems to those clients who prefer it.
  3. What type of material do they use? Is it 3/4” thick or 5/8”?
  4. Is it furniture grade particleboard or commercial grade as found in many retail stores? The latter will not hold screws as securely.
  5. Is it thermal-fused melamine or cold-pressed? Thermally fused melamine is more durable and has better clean-ability.
  6. How are their drawer units made?
  7. What type of drawer slides will be used? We use only full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides. No “plastic wheels” to fall off.
  8. Is the closet rod round or oval? Oval rod is stronger.
  9. What type of edge banding do they use? Our standard is a 2mm PVC welded, guaranteed never to chip or peel, unlike much of the “taped-on” edge banding our competitor’s use.
  10. What type of hamper basket do they use? Is it epoxy-coated, wire, or heavy-duty chrome?

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We hope these tips are helpful to you as you shop and compare.  As a closet provider, The Closet Solution is dedicated to providing the highest quality standards in the closet industry, in both materials and service.  As the saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, and The Closet Solution wants you to do it right the first time.

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