The laundry room is the hardest working rooms in the house and often the most neglected. Your laundry room may be small and can become a drop zone of dirty laundry.

How do I organize my laundry room?

Here are some ideas to help improve the space and get organized. 

  • Since there’s nothing attractive about laundry detergents and cleaning supplies, we recommend putting these items behind enclosed cabinets above the washer and dryer. This will help declutter the laundry room and give it a cleaner appearance.
  • Why not dress it up the cabinets with some crown moulding to give this hard working room some style and make doing laundry a little more enjoyable. 


    What can help me sort my dirty clothes?

    An important element for keeping the laundry under control is having an organized way to sort your clothes. Adding pull-out baskets of varying sizes will allow you to sort everything from the garment color to type of material. Our baskets are heavy duty chrome with optional canvas liners that can be easily removed and washed.

    If your space allows, adding multiple tilt-out hampers is an attractive way to hide unsightly clothes and give each member of the family a place to put his or her dirty laundry.

    Each of our heavy duty chrome hampers comes with a removeable canvas laundry bag.


        What do you recommend for drying delicate items you don’t want to put in the dryer?

        For delicate items you don’t want to dry in the dryer, we recommend incorporated a hanging rod with cabinets above the washer and dryer.


            What solution do you offer for ironing in a small space?

            If you have no place to store a full size ironing board and seldom iron, a pull-out ironing board can be a space saving solution to doing quick touch ups on your garment. With it’s 180 degree swivel you can iron from almost any angle whether left of right handed. It’s compact folding design allows it to be easily stored into a 14”d shelf. 


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