Is your garage cluttered and disorganized with everything you don’t want in the house? No room to fit one of your most valuable possessions? It’s not impossible to fix. Adding such things as cabinets, shelving, a workbench, hanging storage for lawn and sports equipment, will create a space you enjoy using, keeping you organized and the envy of the neighborhood.

For Garage Storage, Are Open Shelves Better Than Enclosed Cabinets?

It depends on whether your garage has enough space to allow a cabinet door to swing out without hitting a parked car.  To avoid any conflicts with a parked vehicle or impeding the path in and out of the garage, we often recommend putting cabinets on the back wall providing your garage is deep enough.  Another option would be to put open shelving or enclosed cabinets on one side of the garage and a track wall system on the other side of the garage.  While having everything enclosed in cabinets and drawers lends itself to good organization and a neater less cluttered appearance, open shelves are easier to access and more budget friendly.

Is A Wall Hung Track System Better Than A Floor Standing Garage System?

We rarely recommend a wall track system where heavy cabinets hang off the wall.  However, we do recommend a wall track system for organizing lighter items, such as, ladders, bikes, other sports equipment, and lawn care tools, etc.   We typically advise heavy cabinets to be set on the floor on 4- or 6-inch adjustable legs.  This makes it easy to clean under the cabinets.  Storing items on a shelf and off the floor is a goal for many homeowners desiring to park their car in the garage.   A floor standing garage system will help protect your possessions and make you the envy of the neighborhood.

What Things Should I Consider When Getting A Garage System?

Give thought to how you plan to use the space and what you will be storing. 

  • Besides parking your car, what type of cabinets will you need, open shelving or enclosed shelving. Will you want a work bench to do household repairs or gardening?  Will the bench need drawers for storing smaller items or tools? 
  • Since most lighting in garages is poor, will you need LED task lighting above the bench? 
  • Consider such things as available wall space and possible conflicts to work around, such as, windows, outlets, electrical panels, clearance of your overhead garage door. 
  • Consider having the floor epoxy coated before your garage system is installed. Not only will an attractive floor coating dress up the imperfections of an ugly concrete slab, it makes it easier to keep clean.

Once you add a custom garage system it’s more than just a place to park your car.  It now becomes an organized and attractive area where you won’t mind leaving the garage door open. 


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