Reach In Closets

It’s not necessary to have a large walk-in closet to achieve more storage and create organization.  Whether it’s a guest or kids closet, if well designed, you can double if not triple your storage over wire shelving.

Is My Closet Too Small For A Custom Closet?

A reach-in closet is an example of a small closet, usually 24”d x 24”- 72”w. This is a closet you can only reach into not walk into. A reach-in closet can be designed to provide more storage and organizational ability than wire shelving and hanging.

A simple design can create organized zones for long hanging, short hanging, shelving, shoe shelving, and depending on the width of the closet and size of the door opening, drawers. These pictures show the storage custom closets can provide.

What type of closet system would you recommend for a small reach in closet?

If you are considering re-doing your reach in closet, a closet system that hangs off a steel rail that is mounted along the back wall is a better option for a couple of reasons. First, its more cost effective. The wall hung vertical panels are shorter in length, thus saving on material costs and saving you money. Second, it makes it easier to clean under. The bottom height of the unit can be adjusted, to accommodate larger items such as a suitcase or a safe. However, if you desire a custom dresser in the closet, we recommend a floor standing system to allow the weight of the dresser to sit on the floor as opposed to hanging off the wall.

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